How to use:

1) You need a new account.
2) Create device(should be at least one device).
3) Select channels you need, or you can add your own custom streams.
4) Download client application, you can build it in profile page (need to be registered).
5) Install and start client.

Keybord shortcuts:

Shortcut Action
Esc Quit from player
F Toggle full screen
Space Pause or play stream
M Mute and unmute audio
CTRL + Arrow Up/ Arrow Down Volume up/down in 1% increments
S Activate frame-step mode
Arrow Up/ Arrow Down Move to previous/next channel
Arrow Left/ Arrow Right previous/next programs page
Keypad [0-9] Fast move to channel number
Keypad Enter Apply keypad channel number
Shift + Arrow Left/ Arrow Right Seek backward/forward 10 seconds
Alt + Arrow Left/ Arrow Right Seek backward/forward 1 minute
CTRL + Arrow Left/ Arrow Right Seek backward/forward 10 minutes
F3 Show/Hide stream statistic
F4 Show stream description
F5 Show/Hide programms list

Mouse actions:

Shortcut Action
Left button double click Toggle full screen
Left button click on programm in list Move to clicked channel
Left button click on show programs list button Show programs list
Left button click on hide programs list button Hide programs list